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Often, customers see the low prices of our web site packages, and they believe we are either overselling services, or aren’t delivering quality sites. Neither of these is true. We use the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) to build all of our sites. This allows us to quickly build a custom site without reinventing the wheel. If you need more than what the plans below offer, we can customize any of them to suit your needs at an additional $30 per hour. In simple terms, that means a simple page is about $30, and a more complex page is about $50. The total cost of

Much like the first machines, the internet was once a relatively simple place to navigate. It was fairly easy to find a web host or search for a particular service, but those times have changed.

Now, a trip to the internet in search of affordable domains or web hosting packages is more likely to cause more confusion than it alleviates. This is only compounded by the number of people looking to make quick money by selling low quality service at a premium.

Here at ICO Asia, we work to provide affordable and long term service to our clients. Our data centers are state of the art, and while we could spend hours discussing them, the important this is that they work.

To keep things simple, so that you can focus on your business, we’ve divided this section of our site up according to user preference.

Registering an EVSSL for your site is a great way to establish business trust. The problem is that most companies can’t register an EVSSL because they are in the wrong country to use it. Thanks to our long standing partnership with KPMG, we are able to offer an EVSSL to any country that is not on the prohibited list.

Our certificates are good for two years from the date of activation.

International EV SSL

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